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Our Story

About The Mama Chick™

The Mama Chick™ was hatched out of the desire to share the joys, challenges and truths about motherhood through fun, expressive apparel & design. Our hope is that our brand makes mamas laugh, gives them hope and reassurance that they aren’t alone in the pleasantly insane things we experience as moms.

Our tees are meant to serve as a fashionable way for moms to connect and boldly express themselves. Plus, we thought we could help ease the burden of trying to figure out what to wear!  After all, who wants to think about what they’re going to wear after getting the kids dressed? And moms want to be cute too!

Let’s just be honest…being a mom is one of the hardest jobs (un)known to man *insert laughter*, but one of the most precious opportunities ever granted. Remember, you were made for this. We commend you and are humbled to be a part of your Life After The Hatch™.

About The Founder

Before The Hatch

Hey there, Mama! I’m Ashlee, mommy to Kaden and Klaire. I love being a mom… I was made for this. Strong maternal instincts were an evident part of my DNA early on. One of my favorite childhood stories is that my second grade teacher, Ms. Brand, shared on my report card that I was the “Mother Hen” of my class. For years, I’ve worn that badge proudly. It was nothing for me to take charge, be the caregiver, exhibit responsibility, you know, be the motherly one.

After The Hatch as the “Mother Hen” has taken on an entirely new meaning. As a dreamer, doer, entrepreneur, wife, mother of two, lover of God, daughter, sister - life is fun, rewarding, interesting (to say the least), exhausting and a bunch of other stuff.

As I’ve learned the true essence of being a real life “Mother Hen,” I’ve often wondered if other moms shared some of my same experiences. Was I the only one who didn’t get to take a shower today? Or the only one who could win the “stickiest floor in the south” award?! After joining a community of other moms, I quickly learned that many things I experienced simply came with the job. There are millions of other great moms out there who share similar experiences, with the consistent commonality being the immense love we have for our kiddos. 

It's my prayer that something on our site will encourage and inspire you to continue being the amazing mama that you are and to wear your mama badge proudly...even if you did have to skip your shower today!